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Hotshot's Developer

Hotshot's Developer

Price: £19.95

Product Code: 97010

Developed from the U.S. military's heat and eat ration concept, you can now have super-glue fuming in one convenient, disposable container without the sticky mess!

Within a few seconds, the activator solution is absorbed and a chemical reaction takes place, generating heat and a controlled amount of steam needed for humidity. As the canister heats up the HotShot fingerprint developer begins to vaporise and fills the fuming chamber with extremely sensitive, active print developing fumes.

Developed prints are whiter and appear much faster due to the activator and the concentrated print developer. One HotShot adequately fumes a fuming tank in four minutes or less.

Each HotShot is self-contained and disposable so there is no mess to clean up. After use simply screw the lid back on the protective container and throw the unit away.

Simple to use and ideal for training purposes. Sold singularly.

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