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BlueStar Forensic Magnum

BlueStar Forensic Magnum

Price: £43.95

Product Code: 95373

Super-Strength Formula. Designed specifically for searching minute blood droplets or stains on washed objects or surfaces.

BlueStar Forensic Magnum is 3 times more powerful than the regular BlueStar Forensic test and has been formulated for critical cases when microscopic blood particles are searched for. i.e microscopic droplets have been projected onto an aggressors clothing. 

Such droplets, invisible to the naked eye and even difficult to see with a magnifier, are sometimes the only evidence available. With this version, their discovery is easier thanks to the products increased sensitivity and intensity of the luminescence.

This product consists of 1 x 125ml (4oz) chemiluminescent solution and 1 foil packed containing 3 tablets of oxidiser. 


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