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CSI Burglary Kit

CSI Burglary Kit

Price: £345.00

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Product Code: 96805

This kit has been especially developed by CSI for use at a burglary and contains the following items:

Aluminium, Black, White, Jet Black Magnetic, Magneta Flake Light, and Magneta Flake Dark powders. Fingerprint Brushes, Zephyr Brushes, Magnetic Brush, Fingerprint and Footprint Acetate Sheeting, Fingerprint and Footprint Lifting Tape, Fingerprint and Footprint Gel Lifters, Fingerprint Template, Assorted Adhesive Labels, Arrows and Rulers. Scalpel Handle and Blades, ABFO and FBI Scales, Fingerprint Lamp, Face Mask, Protective Gloves, Disposable Tweezers, Tape Measure, Inking Pad, Fingerprint Cards, Permanent Pen, CQ Mirror, Handle Magnifier, Scissors, Mikrosil Casting Compound, Hemident Blood Detection.

Please note, as with all our kits they can be adapted/amended as per customer requirements.

Please contact our offices for further details.

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