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CSI Dropex Kit

CSI Dropex Kit

Price: £425.00

Product Code: 97138

The CSI Dropex Kit was developed to detect Group A explosives, Group B explosives, Nitrate based improvised explosives and Chlorate-based improvised explosives TATP - (Tri Acetone Tri Peroxide).  

Simple to use these field kits work on the principles of wet chemistry which gives a colour reaction when the agent comes into contact with minute amounts of explosives. The colour reactions are specific to each group of explosives. No additional equipment is needed and it works in all conditions and environments. It gives extremely quick results. It is safe and meets international safety standards. It will detect minute traces of explosives (20 ngs) with No false negatives and a very low false positive rate.  

It is extremely cost effective and has a multitude of uses such as used for sweeping and searching for explosives at sensitive installations, airports, roadblocks, checkpoints, VIP events, vehicles, suspect houses, etc.

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