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CSI Fingerprint Kit - MK2

CSI Fingerprint Kit - MK2

Price: £295.00

Product Code: 96801

The CSI Fingerprint Kit MK2 is a more comprehensive kit than the MK1 and contains the following items: Aluminium Powder, Black Powder, White Powder, Gold Powder, Magneta Flake Light Powder, Magneta Flake Dark Powder, Magnetic Brush, Zephyr Fingerprint Brush, Pony Hair Brushes, Camel Brush, Clear Acetate Sheeting, Lifting Tabs, Gel Lifters White, Black, Clear, Tape Measure, Assorted Labels, Pen, Handle Magnifier, Fingerprint Inking Pad, Scissors, Fingerprint Lamp, Face Mask, Disposable Nitrile Gloves

As CSI are the manufacturer, we have the ability to custom make forensic kits with the exact components that you require. Items can be added, subtracted or exchanged according to customer's requirements. As we are constantly looking to improve our products, case and contents are subject to change.

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