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CSI General Purpose Crime Scene Kit

CSI General Purpose Crime Scene Kit

Price: £595.00

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Product Code: 96810

This kit is specifically designed to cover a number of situations the CSI may find him or herself in. To avoid the powders contaminating the rest of the case this kit is supplied in 2 parts ( Part 1) a small case containing powders and brushes (Part 2) a larger case containing other essential items. The full contents of both cases are as follows:

Aluminium, Black, White, Gold, Jet Black, Bi-Chromatic Magnetic, Magneta Flake Light, and Magneta Flake Dark powders. Fingerprint Brushes, Zephyr Brushes, Magnetic Brush, Fingerprint and Footprint Acetate Sheeting, Fingerprint and Footprint Lifting Tape, Fingerprint and Footprint Gel Lifters, Fingerprint Template, Assorted Adhesive Labels, Arrows and Rulers. Scalpel Handle and Blades, ABFO and FBI Scales, Fingerprint Lamp, Face Mask, Protective Gloves, Disposable Tweezers, Tape Measure, Inking Pad, Fingerprint Cards, Permanent Pen, CQ Mirror, Handle Magnifier, Scissors and a small quantity of evidence bags. CSI Protective Suit, Protective Goggles, Cleaning Wipes, Evidence Collection Materials, Trimming Knife, Casting Plaster, Impression Compound, Spatula, Mixing Bowl

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