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CSI Gunshot Residue Kit (GSR)

CSI Gunshot Residue Kit (GSR)

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GSR testing has been available in different forms for about 30 years, but all tests to date had one common feature and that is the investigating officer 'swabs' the hands of the suspect to collect GSR particles and then sends the swabs to a laboratory for analysis by various methods.

The laboratory method commonly recognized as most reliable and practical is interpretation via Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM). However, it can take weeks even months, to obtain results from a laboratory, so the benefit to an officer offered by GSR testing has been very limited. In fact, many officers don't even bother applying the technique, despite the fact that it is a reasonably reliable technology!

This GSR kit is different in as much as it is a "binary" test. This means that it allows the investigating officer to test the suspect two times for GSR residues, once directly at the scene, which provides an immediate investigative or "presumptive" benefit, and again in the laboratory, which provides the "evidentiary" data for use in court later on.

Full instructions are supplied in every kit.

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