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CSI Hydrocarbon Detector MK1

CSI Hydrocarbon Detector MK1

Price: £1,595.00

Product Code: 97132

The CSI Hydrocarbon Detector MK1 is a ruggedly constructed gas detection and field survey tool. This unit will detect the presence of hydrocarbons that may be present at the fire scene and is equally effective as a general purpose gas detector.

This product is supplied in a carrying case and comes complete with a battery charger and  manual.


Two modes of operation: High or Low Sensitivity
Sensor: Solid state plug-in type, housed in a protective guard mounted at the end of telescoping probe.
Meter Readout: Provides visual indication of relative concentrations of hydrocarbons.
Display: Audio and visual indication of the detection of accelerants and gases. A yellow 'purge' indicator and red 'sensor/detection' indicators.
Electronic Purge: Permits quick recovery of sensor element.
Mute Switch: Turns off audio tones and permits discreet investigation
Telescoping Probe with Sensor Guard: Sensor guard mounted at end of telescoping which extends to 115cm (45") and retracts to 48cm (19") approx.
Power: Two nickel cadmium rechargeable batteries, each battery providing 3 hours of operation. The second battery is accessed by switching from 'A' to 'B' with battery transfer switch.

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