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CSI Pathfinder ESL

CSI Pathfinder ESL

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The technique of Electro Static Dust Print Lifting (ESL) at crime scenes dates back to the early 1970’s. It is the ability to retrieve dust shoe marks from floors, carpets, upholstery where photography and conventional adhesive lifting film would be ineffective.

The benefits of footwear lifting at crime scenes is fast becoming identified as the way forward especially as many criminals today are 'forensic aware' and take precautions not to leave fingerprints or DNA at the scene. However they must leave footprints which is where the CSI Pathfinder has proved most invaluable.

The problem with ESL machines currently on the market is that they are bulky, costly, lack power when needed and often do not work because the connecting probes or leads have been damaged by the previous user. They can also be very dangerous to the operator because of the high voltage that is put out.

The Pathfinder eliminates all these problems as it is small, lightweight, runs from a single PP3 battery available anywhere and does not use probes or leads. It also has built in safety features inasmuch that should the operator accidently receive a shock it will not do any damage to him/her even if they have a heart pace maker. This makes this unit the safest ESL machine on the market today.

Evaluated and now widely used by Police departments throughout the world, this small device is the best that money can buy. 

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