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CSI Postal Bomb Screener

CSI Postal Bomb Screener

Price: £3,945.00

Product Code: 95711

The CSI Postal Bomb Screener is ideal for screening bundles of letters, packets and parcels detecting virtually all known letter-bomb detonating devices.


Fast, safe and cost effective mail screener for the detection of postal bombs.

Packages up to 2.25 inches (6 cm) thick can be checked.

Excellent discrimination between potentially dangerous contents and paper clips, staples and metal tags.

Will not damage film, magnetic tape or computer disks.

Designed for use by secretaries, receptionists and mailroom staff without any requirement for special training.

Reliable and easy to use with negligible false alarm rate.

Developed in Europe, where thousands are in daily use.

Operates on 110V/220V, 50/60Hz. Integral battery takes over in case of power failure.

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