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CSI Precision Knife Kit

CSI Precision Knife Kit

Price: £15.95

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Product Code: 97092

Multi purpose precision knife set suitable for cutting, chiseling and scoring. Invaluable at a crime scene for obtaining evidence such as paint scrapings for analysis by the laboratory.

Comes complete with 3 types of handles and a wide range of interchangeable steel blades. All the handles have a positive guide locator to provide extra safety when changing blades.

The spare blades are held in place in the lid of the storage case by a magnetic retaining strip.

10 different blades - 1 x light duty holder 1 x medium duty holder 1 x fluted ABS holder 1 x general cutting and trimming blade 1 x general cutting and slicing blade 3 x detail cutting and stripping blades 1 x medium/heavy duty cutting blade 1 x stenciling and scoring blade 1 x precision wood chiseling blade 2 x deep cross and smooth wood chiseling blades 1 x chiseling and trimming blade 1 x heavy duty cutting blade 1 x close corner cutting blade

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