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CSI SENTRY Barrier Cream Mousse 50ml

CSI SENTRY Barrier Cream Mousse 50ml

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CSI Sentry provides a non-toxic and non-greasy invisible layer on all skin areas to protect against most skin abusers such as harsh soaps and detergents, alcohol, oil, grease, solvents, chemicals, inks and polishing products and provides emergency protection against chemical bases and most acids.  

It protects against biological fluids, secretions and wastes such as blood, urine and exudates. It may reduce incidence of skin allergies and help maintain the skin’s natural moisture balance. It is also CFC Free.  

CSI Sentry is not intended to replace conventional protection, but as an adjunct to it. It gives up to four hours maximum protection, withstands repeated washings, allows skin to breathe and perspire normally and is safe for all skin areas.

Protects your skin from hazardous substances at the crime scene  

CSI Sentry’s microscopic shield helps to protect your skin against oils, greases, petrol,  diesel, dyes, paints, inks, resins, mastic, adhesives (including super glue}, most solvents  and general industrial dirt and grime.

Protects against exposure to possible irritants

CSI Sentry provides a microscopic, undetectable protective layer over your skin. This layer  will inhibit direct contact with most irritants that are a common cause of dry, itchy skin and  occupational dermatitis

Inhibits odours lingering on your skin

CSI Sentry’s microscopic protective shield helps repel strong odours from sinking into your  skin. This means that a single wash, with a gentle soap, will leave your skin odour free

One application will last for 4 hours

Because CSI Sentry is wash resistant, it only comes off as your skin sheds naturally and is  effective for 4 hours despite repeated washing

Provides emergency personal protection

CSI Sentry does not replace personal protective equipment (PPE). However, if your PPE  fails, or you get splashed unexpectedly, a pre-applied application of CSI Sentry will provide  temporary emergency protection against many acids and chemical bases throughout  the pH scale including sulphuric, hydrochloric, nitric, phosphoric and citric acids.

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