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Denstone Powder 5kg

Denstone Powder 5kg

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The importance of a good footwear or tyre tread cast can be invaluable.

The 5kg tub allows you to cast 5 or 6 marks and is a little more economical than the 1kg bag size. However you will require a mixing bowl and spatulae as the tub is not designed for mixing in. The prepared and mixed casting material must not be poured directly over all areas of the impression, but directed to one side only. Depending upon environmental conditions the actual setting times vary from 20 minutes to about 1hour 45 minutes.

Also available in other pack sizes.

Please Note: Before pouring any of the casting mixtures into the impressions we advise applying a thin layer of Unifix (95232). This should be carefully sprayed from a distance to cover the entire impression lightly. This coating assists in slightly hardening the surface in an attempt to minimize possible disturbance as material is poured into the substrate.

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