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Gentian Violet Crystals 25gm

Gentian Violet Crystals 25gm

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Gentian Violet is a dye which stains the fatty constituents of sebaceous sweat producing an intense purple image.
It is very effective for the development of latent fingerprints on the adhesive surface of adhesive tape and decorative or protective films.

It will also develop fingerprints on some other surfaces, particularly those contaminated with oils and grease. Also effective on small non-porous surfaces such as crockery.

However it can interfere with other forensic examination such as handwriting, ink, paper and indented writing impressions, body fluids including DNA profiling, fibres, hairs and paint.

This reagent is easy to use but please note that this product is toxic by swallowing or skin absorptions and should therefore NOT be used in large quantities.

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