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Magneta Flake Dark Powder - 30gm

Magneta Flake Dark Powder - 30gm

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Magneta Flake is the result of an extensive research programme carried out into fingerprint powders and is the first powder to be developed specifically for use with fingerprints. This dark powder is a continuing development of that work.

Magneta Flake consists of an iron powder milled and flaked to optimum particle size and then ingeniously coated with amino acids to a specific weight. The production of this powder is highly complex but the result is a powder that has proved to be highly effective on all surfaces including plastic surfaces, plastic bags, metallic, wood and even brickwork.

It can be used on paper and glass and has been found not to prohibit subsequent Ninhydrin or other chemical treatments. It has now become the powder of choice for many crime scene departments as it has been proven to increase the number of marks and identifications found at a crime scene.

This dark powder gives you a contrast and therefore is worth carrying in your crime scene kit.

If you're serious about crime scene investigation, then this is one powder you cannot do without. 

Please Note: Crime Scene Investigation Equipment Ltd are the exclusive manufacturers of this unique fingerprint powder. Do not be fooled into purchasing so called cheaper equivalents currently on offer in the marketplace as this may result in great disappointment but more importantly, loss of vital evidence.

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