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Paper Sack - Stitched Bottom No Printing - 25pk

Paper Sack - Stitched Bottom No Printing - 25pk

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Product Code: 95662

Correctly packaged evidence is essential if reliable scientific results are to be obtained. To assist this process CSI has developed a number of products in order that the crime scene examiner can safely submit items to the laboratory without fear of damage or contamination. Do not be confused with other inferior imitations, as our range of products are manufactured from quality materials and are backed up with quality assurance registration to ISO Standards.

Unlike plastic, paper allows items to breathe and eliminates the possibility of oxidisation and therefore paper sacks are ideal for the storage of physical evidence such as undergarments, shoes etc.

This type of sack has a stitched bottom. It has no window or CJA printing.

As with most of our products we appreciate that many departments do not require large quantities, however you you require larger quantities than the ones shown here, please contact our sales office as we will be able to offer discounts for larger purchases.

Size: 415mm x 950mm approx. Pack of 25

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