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Presept Disinfectant Tablets

Presept Disinfectant Tablets

Price: £9.95

Product Code: 95410

PRESEPT Disinfectant Tablets take hard surface disinfection beyond the confines of hypochlorites. A complete biocidal spectrum based on the unique action of NaDCC (sodium dichloroisocyanurate) ensures highly effective disinfection even in the presence of blood or other organic matter. And with long term stability in storage, full activity is guaranteed right up to the moment of use. In every department, PRESEPT Disinfectant Products provide a practical, convenient and rational approach to disinfection.

PRESEPT Effervescent Disinfectant Tablets

Making better solutions for disinfection

* Activity across the microbial spectrum, providing protection against many organisms including HIV, Hepatitis B, Herpes viruses and MRSA

* Better activity in the presence of organic matter than hypochlorites and may be used with confidence for all body fluid spillages

* Better biocidal activity than hypochlorites

* Stable and compact in storage, ensuring full biocidal activity up to the moment of use

* Safe, simple and accurate preparation

* Convenient, reliable and economical

* Compatible with certain detergents

Each pack contains 10 x 5gm tablets.

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