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Trace Evidence Collection Nozzle

Trace Evidence Collection Nozzle

Price: £12.95

Product Code: 95698

Each Correctly packaged. Evidence is essential if reliable scientific results are to be obtained. To assist this process CSI has developed a number of products in order that the crime scene examiner can safely submit items to the laboratory without fear of damage or contamination. Do not be confused with other inferior imitations, as our range of products are manufactured from quality materials and are backed up with our quality assurance registration to ISO Standards. A unique vacuum cleaner nozzle attachment for the collection and securing of evidence so small that it cannot be spotted with the naked eye i.e.hairs, fibres, pollen etc. Having attached the nozzle to any standard vacuum cleaner with the loose stabilising rubber ring supplied, particles are collected and caught in the built in filter paper of the Petri dish. The filter dish (one supplied) is removed and the evidence particles secured with an optically clear plastic lid. The contents can now be examined. For replacement filters see product code 95699

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