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Transport Swab 'Certified' DNA Free 100pk

Transport Swab 'Certified' DNA Free 100pk

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Product Code: 96338

Since its first use in 1986 during the investigation into the Colin Pitchfork murders in Leicestershire, United Kingdom, DNA collection and identification has become a vital part of criminal investigations, and is a fast-moving and exciting field of research and development.  To avoid cross-contamination, it is absolutely essential that evidence is collected from crime scenes using sterile equipment.   

In Germany in 2007, traces of DNA belonging to an unknown female were found at the scene of the murder of a police officer.  When run through the German database, identical DNA was found to have been present at the scene of five other murders, along with several burglaries and car thefts. In total, the woman's DNA was found at 40 separate crime scenes.  The German authorities spent two years and thousands of hours searching for the culprit, only to discover that the DNA had in fact been present on the swabs the crime scene investigators had been using to collect their samples -the swabs had been accidentally contaminated by a woman working at the factory that produced them.

We are therefore pleased to offer ‘DNA FREE’ swabs. What makes them stand out is that they are ‘Certified DNA Free’. With each purchase, if requested, customers will receive a certificate from a leading European Laboratory confirming that they are infact ‘DNA Free’  NOT ‘DNA Denatured or DNA Clean’ as often currently supplied.

For other pack sizes please refer to product codes 96337 (10pk) and 96339 (500pk) shown in this section.

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