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Virkon Disinfectant Tablets

Virkon Disinfectant Tablets

Price: £39.95

Product Code: 95401

Virkon is the ultimate high level surface disinfectant. It is an effective infection control for all laboratory surfaces, equipment and instruments. It has an independent proven efficacy against bacteria over 200 viruses spores and fungi.

Simply drop a couple of tablets in water which will provide a safe working solution with a faint lemon odour. It has proven efficacy against bacteria (including my cobacteria), viruses, spores and fungi in a variety of independent tests using different protocols.

It is safe to use, non-toxic, non-sensitising, biodegradable. It has a low oral and dermal toxicity and no toxic vapour phase. Compatible with a wide range of materials including stainless steel, plastic and rubber.

Each pack contains 50 x 5gm tablets.

As image shows, other pack sizes are available on request.

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